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What ski for me?

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What ski for me?

I get many E-mailed questions about what ski is suitable for a particular person, and where in their particular corner of the world can they get one from. I tend to direct them to the forums... and this is a starter post for them to post questions to. Rather crowd-source the answers rather than leaving it all to my biases.



wave ski tragic
piranha wave ski's west australia

hi john ,i seen a guy in south west australia is making really nice wave ski's with a real radical bottom shape with his own fins
there were the fastest ski at the comp by a long way and the vertical turns was out of this world
ive seen ski's in england and in south africa and the detail and craftmanship is second to none. he does full carbon ski's too .and some real nice paint work .he also has some awesome board covers paddle covers and lap and quad belt covers.
if i didnt just purchase a ski i would defintly own one .. i dont know the guy but they are called PIRANHA wave skis'and i think he is from bunbury and his name was grub .i beleive he is on face book ...john please delete this if im not ment to post this here.

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Piranha article now online

Hi Mr Tragic,

Wasn't really looking for a ski myself (this is a placeholder for others to chime in)... but thanks for your feedback, the result of which can be found here:

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I'm based in Brisbane and am

I'm based in Brisbane and am looking to purchase my next waveski. Options seem to be pretty limited. In fact, the only brand near me is wavemaster (at least that's all I can find). I'm leaning towards a wavemaster 2.4 evolution and hoping to get quad belt installed. Do people think this is a good ski? Are there any other options in south east Queensland?