2014 World Waveski Titles and South Africa Open Series

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Submitted by john on Mon, 01/20/2014 - 21:01

Well, it's that kind of year again... a World Titles year - and this time, with the experienced South Africa hosting the event, expect it to be a top class event. The event will be held in Durban (26 April to 4 May) with a range of breaks to choose from so organisers can make the most of conditions. Just to boost things, there is also a 3 event Open Series that includes spots such as J-Bay and Nahoon reef. Entry forms to all events are available on the www.WorldWaveski.org website now - times running out!

2013 New Zealand Open Waveski Surfing Open - this weekend!

Submitted by Jo on Mon, 03/25/2013 - 22:50

Steve says that he expects around 20 entrants. Swell is building on the East coast according to a @SurfingNZ tweet this evening! Registration Friday night @6pm... that's an easy drive from Auckland to Gisborne on Friday.

The Annual General Meeting will take place at some time during that weekend. If you want to be on the committee or have any business you want discussed please email Steve or myself a.s.a.p. - especially if you can not be there.

Thanks & have an awesome comp if you are going - Jo

2013 International World Waveski Cup, Portugal

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Submitted by john on Tue, 03/12/2013 - 16:51

The 2013 Santa Cruz Ocean Spirit Kayak Surf/Waveski Contest (22nd to 26th July 2013, Santa Cruz Beach, Torres Vedras, Portugal), will be the first event to be officially sanctioned by the World Waveski Surfing Association. Sanctioning ensures the event is run in accordance with association rules and guidelines so contestants can be assured of a high quality event. Naturally, and sadly, this is no promise that weather and surf conditions will be perfect - but it does mean that organisers will have done their best with what they get.

Piranha Waveskis

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Submitted by john on Sun, 03/03/2013 - 12:08

Welcome to a new series on Waveski manufacturer profiles. As mentioned in an earlier forum post, people are constantly sending me E-mails about where to get hold of waveski's in their particular part of the world, so rather than try to work of hearsay and conjecture, I thought I would start asking the manufacturers out there who they are and what makes them and their business tick. For this first profile, I thought it was worth starting with a brand I hadn't heard of before - Piranha waveskis - and learn something new myself. Feel free to jump in the forums and nominate who goes next.

Wisdom of the masses

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Submitted by john on Sun, 02/24/2013 - 01:55

The waveski.info forums have covered a LOT of ground since 2004... so rather than leaving the reader to delve through the whole unmanaged lot, with all its ramblings, name calling, hair pulling and self promotion :) ... the "Wisdom of the masses" is presented here in an abridged format with just the key comments for your enjoyment and information. Posts may have been trimmed of unrelated content, but they haven't been altered (so enjoy the many and varied spelling mistakes). Opinions are all their own, chances are that mine would be different.

Island Adventure (from WSNZ February 2013 newsletter)

Submitted by BazzaBrett on Tue, 02/19/2013 - 23:07

It was a combination of studying the swell & wind forecast, some local knowledge of the tides, plus a good dose of surfers intuition and instinct.

Chris Vincent had arrived at my doorstep the evening before to say "I think we should look at the island tomorrow".

Fate ensured this was no coincidence because I was literally about to pick up the phone and call Chris to make the same prediction!

Waveski Surfing NZ February 2013 Newsletter

Submitted by Jo on Tue, 02/19/2013 - 23:03

Hi All – Wow, finally some news to report. Well summer has nearly passed us by and not a lot has been happening on the waveski scene. But I’m sure you’ve all been surfing heaps. The big news of course was the cancellation of the World Titles that were going to be held in Brazil. Our very own Steve Gibbs was all booked in and amped to go so he’s one that’s not too impressed about it all. I’d say there would be lots in the same situation absolutely gutted.

2013 New Zealand Open Waveski Surfing Titles Entry Form

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Submitted by john on Tue, 02/19/2013 - 21:44

Hosted by the Turanganui Waveski Club. Gisborne 30-31 March 2013.

From the WSNZ newsletter: "Good news is that the cancellation of this has prompted the return of the NZ OPEN to Easter weekend (30 -31 March). There was talk at the AGM of Auckland hosting it, but no-one has taken up the challenge, so the Gizzy crew have offered to hold it again. I just had an email from Steve confirming it all...
So if you’re keen, get booking…….and out there practicing…….(If you need to :D)"

New Paddle Surf Magazine

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Submitted by john on Sun, 02/03/2013 - 00:17

Hot on the heels of the disappointment of the cancellation of the 2013 World Waveski Titles, we get some good news with a new paddle surfing magazine called "Paddle Surf Magazine" has been announced which covers surf kayaks, SUPs and waveskis. The creator is Guernsey native waveski surfer, Adam Harvey. Issue 1 is available online now. And free. So you ay as well just click the link here: issuu.com and get on with reading it.



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