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Kayaksurf & Waveski Portugal 2013-03-05 11:43:04
Australian Waveski Assocation Site of the Australian waveski association 2004-06-08 00:51:04
French Waveski Assocation Site of the French waveski association 2004-06-08 00:51:04
World Waveski Association Site for the World Waveski Assocation 2004-06-05 07:05:09
Western USA Waveski Association Western USA Waveski Association 2004-06-30 04:57:54
West Australia Waveski Association West Australia Waveski Association 2004-06-30 05:00:42
South African Waveski Association South African Waveski Association 2004-06-30 05:00:52
British Waveski Association British Waveski Association 2004-06-30 05:00:59
Irish Waveski Association Irish Waveski Association 2009-04-12 21:06:05 Main site for Gee boards 2004-06-30 19:29:14
Tsunami Waveskis Tsunami Waveskis 2004-06-30 19:29:23
Wavemaster Wavemaster Australia 2004-06-30 19:29:35
Wavesmater USA Wavemaster USA 2004-06-30 19:29:44
Island Waveskis Island Waveskis USA 2004-06-30 19:29:51
Blades Paddles Blades Paddles and accesories 2004-06-30 19:30:00 Korea 2004-06-30 19:30:08
MacSki MacSki South Africa 2010-06-21 11:28:38
KS Waveskis KS Waveskis France 2004-06-30 19:30:22
Brazil Waveski and Surf Kayak Brazil Waveski and Surf Kayak 2004-06-30 20:02:55
Brazil Waveski Club - Florianoplis Florianoplis waveski club, Brazil 2004-06-30 20:03:01
Surf reports at New Zealand surf reports 2004-07-03 05:43:41
Surf reports at New Zealand surf reports at surf2surf 2004-07-03 05:44:31
Surf reports at Australian surf reports at 2004-07-03 05:45:22
NZ metservice maps New Zealand weather maps (and forecasts) 2004-07-03 05:46:09
NZ Tide charts LINZ NZ tidal charts 2004-07-03 15:36:31
Mission Perfection Waveski Classic website designed by 2004 Junior World Champion, Shaun Holmes. Its aim is to bring quality pictures and waveski footage from the teams adventures.
Sea You in the line up'.
2004-07-19 14:05:42
Sub Gravity Productions Producers of really hot waveski movies. Based in France. 2004-08-03 16:13:04
Portugal Portugal site 2009-06-24 12:01:24
BouyWeather.COM NZ Click on a dot to get a forecast swell/wind for that part of the coast. Very cool. 2004-09-10 23:13:02
Israel Pictures from Israel 2004-12-08 00:42:35 (USA) USA/Calif based PaddleSurfing NPO 2005-01-23 23:23:20
Paddler magazine This isn't strictly a club or association - perhaps we should have another category called "journals/magazines" 2005-01-23 23:23:31
Netherlands Netherlands waveski website. 2005-01-27 22:50:33
Le wave-ski en France Site de la fédération française de canoë kayak 2005-02-13 23:43:46
Kawakasso French waveski site 2005-02-15 09:13:31
Surfkayaks Australia Importer and Distribution of Mega Surf Kayaks into Australia and New Zealand. Composite Models availabel in Carbon Kevlar / Fibreglass / Poly Composite and Rotational Moulded surf kayaks from Mega Perfomance Kayaks and Blue Skye Kayaks. 2005-04-29 14:38:59
Mega Perfrormance Kayaks Manufacturer of Mega Performance Kayaks. Distributed in Australia by Harplane Pty Ltd . Shop 7b Campbell Ct Vincentia NSW 2540 Australia. Phone 0061.2.4441.7157 2005-04-29 14:39:24
PointandShootProductions/Vincent Shay Video Productions Website that highlights the efforts of Vince Shay. Photography to video production, PointandShootProductions welcomes you! 2005-05-20 17:08:41
Academic Canoe Club Bystrze Krakow Website of one of the biggest polish kayaking clubs, AKTK Bystrze. Bystrze organizes many kayaking trips in Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, France and Switzerland. 2005-05-20 17:09:12
Academic Canoe Club Website of the oldest polish kayaking club. Bystrze organizes many kayaking trips in Poland, Czech Repoblic, Austria, Switzerland and France. 2005-05-30 03:41:03
SeaSpecs Extreme Surf Sunglasses 2005-05-30 03:41:12
PLAYAK.COM Kayak & Canoe News 2005-08-24 23:04:04
GlobalSurfers surf travel guides GlobalSurfers offers free surf and travel guides to surf (and waveski) spots worldwide 2005-08-27 21:48:20
Waveski Surfing Australia 2009-04-10 07:37:31
FS Waveski Portugal based waveski school 2009-04-11 00:03:28
N.I. Surf Kayak 2009-04-12 21:09:01
North West Ireland 2009-04-12 21:09:35
Pro Designs UK 2009-04-23 11:48:19
Bad Machine - Argentina 2009-07-19 04:27:11
Wavesurvivors - Portugal 2009-11-26 10:27:25
Wavemaster NZ Wavemaster Australia has now joined forces with local rider Tony Gibbs and together are now making a major push into the local New Zealand market. 2011-08-12 10:11:20