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Waveski Surfing NZ February 2013 Newsletter

Submitted by Jo on Tue, 02/19/2013 - 23:03

Hi All – Wow, finally some news to report. Well summer has nearly passed us by and not a lot has been happening on the waveski scene. But I’m sure you’ve all been surfing heaps. The big news of course was the cancellation of the World Titles that were going to be held in Brazil. Our very own Steve Gibbs was all booked in and amped to go so he’s one that’s not too impressed about it all. I’d say there would be lots in the same situation absolutely gutted.

Good news is that the cancellation of this has prompted the return of the NZ OPEN to Easter weekend (30 -31 March). There was talk at the AGM of Auckland hosting it, but no-one has taken up the challenge, so the Gizzy crew have offered to hold it again. I just had an email from Steve confirming it all and you will find the entry form and poster attached with this newsletter.

Registration will be Friday 29th March, 6pm at 'Catina Caliente' Restaurant and Bar on Oneroa Road, Wainui Beach. The contest will start Saturday 6am 30th March, Finals Sunday 31 March.

So if you’re keen, get booking.......and out there practicing.......(If you need to :D)

You will have all received the formal cancellation that I sent out but may not have seen these responses on the Kayaksurf Portugal facebook page, regarding future events that you may be interested in. No dates have been set for SA yet but I will let you know when I hear.

Doug Copeland (SA) wrote - WWSA more especially Jackie did every in their power to make this event a success. Unfortunately due to circumstances out of our control this had to be cancelled. This is a sad day for our sport but South African Waveski Association commit to making 2014 a world class spectacular . We will be hosting a series of Open events at premier surf spots - Jongensfonteim (Cape Town), J-Bay (Port Elizabeth), Nahoon Reef (East London) ending with WWST 2014 at New Pier (Durban). Be positive, don't stop practicing and we look forward to hosting you in Sunny South Africa

Brian Kuszmar (USA) wrote - Ventura "C" Street is a premium surf location that has provided excellent surf, easy to get to, reasonable hotel rates, good night life and an opportunity for Waveskiers to showcase the sport in one of Americas premier surf locations. Just ask Fletcher Burton, Tyler Lausten, Tony Cherry, Matt & Caro, Blair Moore and others that have attended. We are working on dates for this October and would like to offer the world Waveskiers an opportunity to use Ventura as an alternative to this years’ Worlds. Professionals run and judged we are more than capable of producing a World Championship event. Consider Ventura for 2013. More info soon.

New NZ Waveski Comp

So you may not be able to catch the waves as good as some but now a new challenge is on and you could claim the title.

You may need bigger foot straps for this one and a bit of time on your hands and no equipment allowed other than a paddle..............

The current leader is a very stoked Chris Swales. Can you beat this? He assures me it’s not a Tui ad. Yeah right Chris.

Share the news about the NZ Open and hopefully we get a good turnout.

If anyone has anything they want shared - reports, sales, new skis, old skis, photos, links, etc. Please forward it to me and I’ll get it out there.

Send it to [email protected] Thanks – Jo

See also the Island Adventure story from the same newsletter.


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