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West Auckland beaches closed

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West Auckland beaches closed

In case you missed the news, or don't live in NZ, Auckland's west coast beaches (Karekare, Piha, Muriwai etc) are closed for the next two days following todays shark attack, in which a 40 year old Muriwai local was killed by a 12ft Great White whilst he was swimming between Maori Bay and Muriwai. More details and a harrowing first hand witness account here:

The other west coast beaches

The other west coast beaches were open apart from muriwai as respect for the guy who died yesterday. I went to piha this morning it was an eerie feeling in the water, for the 2 hours that I was out there schools of fish were thrashing around in the water next to my board you couldn't get away from them something was chasing them. A couple of tourists surfing came out in the water and freaked out when they saw all the splashing from the fish, they asked what is it. one was from latvia and the other from germany they were at muriwai yesterday so they heard about the shark. I told them I was alright I've got my feet up on the board, glad I'm not you guys. Freaked them out even more .