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Piranha Waveskis

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Submitted by john on Sun, 03/03/2013 - 12:08

Welcome to a new series on Waveski manufacturer profiles. As mentioned in an earlier forum post, people are constantly sending me E-mails about where to get hold of waveski's in their particular part of the world, so rather than try to work of hearsay and conjecture, I thought I would start asking the manufacturers out there who they are and what makes them and their business tick. For this first profile, I thought it was worth starting with a brand I hadn't heard of before - Piranha waveskis - and learn something new myself. Feel free to jump in the forums and nominate who goes next.

Following wave ski tragic's recommendation in the forums, I got hold of John Grub Moyle and found out a bit more about this West Australian outfit.

Where in the world are Piranha Wave skis, and where do your customers come from, what sort of riders do you cater to?
Piranha Wave Ski Designs are based in Dardanup Western Australia, about 200 km's south of Perth. I've been selling my boards locally, and looking to branch out across the world. I started Piranha Wave Ski Designs to fill the market in WA, as there were no wave ski shapers in Western Australia, as Phantom had closed down. It was way too expensive for boards to be sent from over the other side of Australia, and I noticed the decline in wave skiing because of it. I will send my boards all over the world at a reasonable price and I can cater for the beginner to the advanced riders.

Tell us about yourself, what's you background in waveski surfing and manufacture?
I started wave skiing in 1990 and I surfed competently for 3 years, winning 2 state B grade titles along the way and a 4th in the B grade at the 1994 Australian titles. I started to shape my first ski in 1992. After shaping it, I took it to the local surfboard shaper to look at it. He said what a great job I had done, and he pushed me to keep on shaping and to my amazement he offered me the use of his shaping bay and glass room to shape and glass my ski's. He taught me the skill and craft of glassing, sanding and finishing of a board. I did stop surfing for 12 years, while I set up a brick paving business and started a family, then decided to start competing again in 2010 and I couldn't find a ski that suited my style. So I started shaping and testing skis again, until I got the right combination, then I decided to offer them to the public

Describe the boards you make, design/construction?
My current boards are 7ft5 and a half long, 630mm wide, with a really radical double concave, hard rail in the tail, into soft rails thought the front half of the ski. I've dropped the centre of gravity, and in combination with my bottom shape, makes the boards squat more in the water, which makes them really stable. They have a real radical bottom shape on them, which makes them really fast and nimble on the wave. I have been riding them on 8 foot Airports in Bali, and 2 foot slop in WA. They perform just as well in all conditions. In the construction of the boards, I use the lightest polystyrene foam you can get blown here in WA, and I'm importing my carbon from the USA, from a company that makes Formula One shells and chassis. It has the tightest weave available. I source my first grade woven glass from Australia, and use the latest in epoxy technology.
All my skis are 2 layers of 6 oz cloth which make then strong yet light and are 100% fully constructed epoxy boards. I have also started doing full carbon ski's.

Do you make your own fins/paddles/accessories?
Yes I make a range of carbon and honeycomb fins, I have 3 size fins in my arsenal, a large fin I'm using now. I am also testing a medium fin, with a large base and thin tip for more flex and a small christo style fin. All my fins have a larger base for the extra drive and a small sweep for those vertical turns.
If you want a board to hold into those hollow waves or a small wave board that has heaps of drive, I can provide that board for you. I also do full carbon paddles, lap and quad belt covers and double paddle covers. I have back packs and travel bags and 10mm thick heavy duty board covers.

Why would someone come to you?
That's a good question John. Well, the first thing comes to mind, l'm a perfectionist. I take great pride in my work, I test and retest my designs, and I design my boards for the wave skiers and use all the principals about wave skiing and don't design my boards around surfboards. I also understand what wave skiers want in a board and I'm always testing new designs. I'll take a board out in the morning and be modifying it in the afternoon, until I get the right balance. If you want a board that's fast or a board that turns vertical or snappy of the lip, I can make that board for you, I can make any size board you like for any conditions.

Phone on 0438098712 or 08 9728 0018
Facebook @ Piranha Wave Ski
Web (under construction)


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gidday john
Id like to give you a big thank you for your article on Piranha Wave Skis. Since its been up on your web page, I have had a great response to my skis. I honestly cant thank you enough. I hope i can repay you in the future .
Also, I am having trouble with the web page, but you can get hold of me at [email protected] and Piranha Wave Ski on Facebook .

All the best

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