Dealing with the mob

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Submitted by john on Tue, 06/22/2004 - 15:22

Brett from Maui sent the following to me: I have also been experiencing some difficulty with local surfers attitude. Apparently the Idea here is all paddle craft are not subject to the same rules a boards. Dropping in, cutting off etc is apparently acceptable by surfers on paddle craft. I am most careful not to do this to board riders but when I complain I am told I have no right to be in the water and the rules do not apply to those with a paddle.

Recently I needed 10 stitches in my head as when a board rider deliberately launched his board at me. I am wondering if other ski riders here are experiencing the same problem, if paddle craft are indeed not permitted the courtesy of traditional board riders and if so what other ski riders here do about it...


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Submitted by john on Sun, 06/20/2004 - 18:12

6pm Saturday: The Phone rings.

My heart races. – I’m aware of a swell on the east coast and I’ve been day dreamin all day.

Phone set to ear and – You beauty it’s my mate Brian. We quickly break into waveski talk.

“East coast, 3-4 foot, What are you up to.” - Hmmmm look around the room to see if it’s safe to talk.

“Don’t know, Why” – Never a dumber thing said...

Spirit Of Innovation Part 2

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Submitted by john on Fri, 06/18/2004 - 04:16

Last Weekend: I hooked up with doctor John and his new ski and we took it thru its paces at Bethells. Oneills was 3 foot and peaky which isn't great for Oneills so we headed back over the Hill to Bethells.

We ended up in front of the island surfing a 3-4 foot right-hander which sucked up out of nothing and rifled off down the line. You needed to paddle hard and commit or it went ugly real quick. I had my ski and bottom turn nailed and enjoyed myself big time. John was a little apprehensive and was still finding his rails and working out what his new ski was capable of. All was going well and 3hrs went real fast. Two mates 3-4 ft, No one else out.
Life was sweet...

Spirit of Innovation (plus Auckland this weekend)

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Submitted by john on Fri, 06/11/2004 - 03:19

The Spirit of innovation is alive and flourishing deep in the one of Aucklands inner city basements. Late into the night doctor John has been travelling the road of dreams and shaping his new waveski.

When you hear someone is doing a D.I.Y it is easy to imagine some malformed monstrousity part fibreglass sprinkles of hair, skin of neighbours cat and finished with the wives kitchen utensils...


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