2009 World Waveski Titles - Results so far 3

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Mathiew Babarit (Fr) beats Tony Cherry (NZ) who was leading the heat with 2 minutes left go and with priority he took the first of a two wave set - the second wave was then open to Matheiu who took it and in the final moments that was enough to get him though.

Rees Duncan (Aus) beats Malan Calitz - clearly.

Open Final therefore is Babarit vs Duncan

New Age: Andre Burger (1st)

2009 World Waveski Titles - Results so far

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Conditions: smallest so far, closeouts

Results (in order 1st to 4th)...

Masters: Lance Milnes, Graham Lancaster, Doug Copeland, Brett Cronin

Grand Masters: Bill Cambell, Mal Settree, Larry Adams, Steve Cleary

Veterans: Graham Roberts, Garry Ross, Willy Graser, Kevin Marshall

Seniors: Rees Duncanm Dale Randhal, Travis Best, Blair Moore

Juniors: Virgil Humbert, C Samson, C Guilbert, G Vanzyl

2009 Waveski Titles - day 7 summary (and 6 video)

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Open final 4 are: Rees Duncan (Australia) vs Malan Calitz (South Africa) and Matthiew  Babarit (France) vs Tony Cherry (New Zealand)

Open positions, 5th = Lance Milnes (Au), 6th = Renan Leloutre (Fr), 7th = Nigel Bryant (NZ), 8th = Virgil Humbert

Tag Team event was an entertaiing-fun, social event with France wining, 2nd = Boardriders, 3rd = Australia, 4th = South Africa and 5th = New Zealand. That was awfully close people... would have been embarrising to loose all-out to the boardriders.

Tomorrow morning  begins with the Verterans, Grand Masters and Masters finals and then the remaining flow will be decided based on conditiions.

Day 6 video available for download here.


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